The health benefits of taking a DNA test

Why our genes are important

Each of us has a unique genetic make-up which is different. In these differences there may be certain variations that we have which can confer a benefit or a drawback. For example, your detoxifying genes may be very efficient or you may have one that is more sluggish and so compromise one of your detoxifying pathways, which means you have to optimise your other pathways by lifestyle intervention.

"Genes may be the loaded gun but it is the environment which pulls the trigger"

Risk of getting an autoimmune disease is only 25% dependent on genetics and 75% dependent on environmental factors

Lifestyle interventions are extremely powerful so although we cannot change the gene we can influence whether the less than optimal gene is switched on or not.

Your genes are not your destiny.  In fact studies using identical twins with autoimmunity have shown that the risk of getting an autoimmune disease is only 25% dependant on genetics and 75% dependant on environmental factors.

We have 20,000 genes ( which are found in our DNA) in the human body.  These give instructions to every cell in the body, a change or “Variation” can occur in these instructions, these are referred to as SNPs (pronounced SNIPS) which is short for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms.

Each SNP represents differences in a nucleotide ( a building block of DNA), some have no effect, others do.  Each test will look at specific SNPS and tell you if you have a variation and whether this confers a benefit or not.

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