You are what you eat!

Each cell in the body replicates using the constituents of your diet, it makes a difference what you eat. Sometimes it may take longer to see a difference as some cells replicate slower than others but you will feel different- you are! You are a new person

There are many food groups, which will influence specific health problems. This is nothing new- there is the old wives tales of fish oil being good for joints and arthritis to the newer solutions of phytoestrogens to help with menopausal symptoms.

Western diets are full of pro inflammatory precursors. Inflammatory states are rife in our society, these make you age faster and with more chronic problems. Abundant Life will teach you what foods to avoid and which foods to include which are anti inflammatory.

In the sessions not only will you be given tailored diets to follow for specific health problems and recipes as well, but also the right choices to make when out shopping and even foods to taste so you can see eating healthily is not only nutritious but also tasty!

You will also learn what foods will keep you satisfied for longer, less calorific and are healthier than processed foods.

If you are unable to source and cook the healthy recipes because of time constraints to make life easier for you there will be the option of buying these foods cooked and frozen for you.

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