"Fitness has nothing to do with age! Its about adopting an active lifestyle to keep you vibrantly healthy!"

Pilates is a unique method of body conditioning, restoring balance to the body during movement. This allows flowing balanced movements, using the individual’s own body to its greatest advantage, utilising its own strength, muscle flexibility and co ordination which requires concentrating on the body throughout the movement.

Posture will improve; legs will become straighter and more flexible. The trunk is taught to be strong and protect the spine, this makes for easier less tiring movements not just in exercising but also in every day movement.

Spinal mobility has effects on more efficient nerve stimulus from the central nervous system, this helps in less fatigue, can help with stomach and abdominal problems and reduce stress. The immune system can also be boosted and give a feeling of well-being.

Pilates is ideal for all age groups. You do not work in a choreographed session but go at your own pace, concentrating on your own body and working to your own bodies abilities, which will slowly and precisely improve. There is no going for the burn in Pilates!


Abundant Life classes are small to facilitate group and peer support as well as being the right size for individual attention so that Pilates moves are correct. Classes are held each Monday and Thursday.

Available classes:

Private Studio:

Our new purpose built studio is now open:

Small classes are currently being held at:

All Saints Church Hall
Queens Road
GU34 1HU
Monday AM : 10.00  to 11.00
Thursday AM : 11.45 to 12.45

Warnford Village Hall
Lippen Lane
SO32 3LE
Thursday AM : 10.00 to 11.00

Four Marks Village Hall
Lymington Bottom
Four Marks,  Alton
GU34 5AA
Tuesdays 9.30 – 10.30
Starting Tuesday 26th April 2022

Abundant Life Private Studio
1:1 and 1:2 classes are held at Abundant Life Private Studio for those who like more personalized targeted Pilates for specific health/movement problems.

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24 Wilson Road,
GU34 2SP

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