Kick Start Your Abundant Life

“Your History Determines Your Health Now”

This is a tailored detailed Lifestyle Plan aimed at those with chronic health conditions such as Arthritis, Irritable bowel and other troublesome “ never going away” problems.

There are 4 ways I work with you by looking at your CHEM.

Abundantly Healthy You!

This plan has all the benefits of Plan 1 but with the very important addition of a DNA test so that your Lifestyle Plan is a Tailored Personalized Plan only for You!

By using your genetics we can look at “upstream”( hyperlink video) problems in your body right down to how each individual cell is coping, this picks up any problems that can be causing the “downstream” effects that you are experiencing in your symptoms.

Abundantly Well Women – Living Your Best Life

This plan is aimed at women who want and are ready for a comprehensive complete plan to address all areas of their life and health. Most women in their 40s and 50s like to take stock and make sure that they are on track to stay healthy and well at this stage of life.

Abundant Life Weight Loss Plan

Your weight is based on so much more than what you eat. This plan cleverly uses your DNA profile to target those genes that are hindering you losing weight.

 Your own personal history holds clues to why you are the weight you are.  You are unique ! What works for one person in losing weight will not necessarily work for you.

Abundantly Glowing Skin​

This DNA test is ideal for those women who look after their skin with good quality skin care routines and professional treatments but still see signs of aging.

DNA analysis will give a unique insight into what is happening at cellular level. You can then aim to improve these visible signs of aging by focusing on interventions that are suited to your unique DNA.

Abundant Beautiful Smile

This DNA test is ideal for those who want to do all they can to look after their oral health and so do their best to have their teeth all their life.

DNA analysis will give you a unique insight into what is happening at cellular level. You can then target any susceptibility you have for gum disease and dental decay.

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