Abundantly Glowing Skin

This DNA test is ideal for those women who look after their skin with good quality skin care routines and professional treatments but still see signs of aging.

DNA analysis will give a unique insight into what is happening at cellular level. You can then aim to improve these visible signs of aging by focusing on interventions that are suited to your unique DNA.

We cannot change our genes but we can change our lifestyle, all the genes looked at can be modified through appropriate environmental interventions.

So based on the results of the DNA Skin test, personalized lifestyle, nutrition and supplements where needed;  and cosmetic recommendations are given for improved skin care and skin health and to decrease the visible signs of aging.

The price for the Abundant Glowing Skin based on your unique DNA and personalized Plan for great skin is £399

Features Benefits Outcomes
DNA skin analysis test Unique to your DNA Abundantly glowing skin
60 minute in-depth call Discuss your unique results from your DNA test A unique personalized plan that works best for your skin
Bespoke Personalized Skin Plan Target cellular problems which are affecting your skin You are doing the best you can to give yourself great skin

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