Plan 2 Abundantly Healthy You!

This plan has all the benefits of Plan 1 but with the very important addition of a DNA test so that your Lifestyle Plan is a Tailored Personalized Plan only for You!

By using your genetics we can look at upstream” problems in your body right down to how each individual cell is coping, this picks up any problems that can be causing the “downstream” effects that you are experiencing in your symptoms.

A DNA kit is sent to you for you to take a blood spot test and is sent off to the laboratories.

There are 4 ways I work with you by looking at your CHEM.

Coping with living in a toxic world and all the health problems that brings

Healing the anxieties this world brings, to live more calmly using healing strategies.

Eating the foods that nourish you and identifying the foods that are not good for you individually which would make your condition worse and replacing them with foods to bring you health and energy.

Movement that improves your health designed to make you move better, become more flexible and have less pain in joints and lower back.

Life is for Living ! You can live your best life by following your own personalised CHEM recipe which is tailor made for you!

How it Works:

First we look at your health history because your health today is determined by your past. Together we will look at the clues in your history to show us what is underpinning what is happening to you now.

You will have an initial 90 minute consultation when a detailed history of your life is taken, from this a detailed lifestyle Plan is sent to you to follow while we are waiting for the results of the test which takes about 6 weeks.

You follow the plan but you are not left alone! As well as weekly motivation you will receive a call 4 weeks in to see how you are getting on and once the results come back from the laboratory I will do another 60 minute consultation with you going over the results of your test and we will apply changes to your lifestyle plan to based on your genetic results.

Then we will do a further 30 minute call in a month to see how much better you are feeling and what your movement and energy levels are as a result of following your tailored plan.

In addition to keep your momentum high you will get a weekly Abundant Life Tracker emailed to you for accountability to keep you “On track” and a monthly bullet journal so you have consistent results that build over time into habits that are just part of you living your abundant life with more energy and joy.

There will be a final check in call at the end of 3 months where we will review your results and work out what you need next.  Some people love the momentum and support, so we will talk about the potential of tweaking the plan and /or continuing calls, in addition to celebrating your new found way of living and the impact on your health.

The price of this Bespoke Personalized Lifestyle Plan based on your unique DNA and support for 3 months is £650

Features Benefits Outcomes
Tailored Lifestyle Plan Less pain - More energy - More flexibility Healthier you
DNA test Unique to your DNA Uniquely Personalized Plan
Bespoke Personalized Lifestyle Plan Target upstream problems which are causing downstream symptoms Target the root of the problem
Support calls You are not alone - Tweak the plan as needed - Keep you in momentum Get to health target quicker
Weekly tracker Keep you on track - Keep you motivated - See your progress Get healthier you quicker
Monthly bullet journal See how you are progressing - Add in some fun and help you see just how amazing you are! See how YOU are positively impacting your health!

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