Plan 1 Kick Start Your Abundant Life

Your History Determines Your Health Now

This is a tailored detailed Lifestyle Plan aimed at those with chronic health conditions such as Arthritis, Irritable bowel and other troublesome “ never going away” problems.

There are 4 ways I work with you by looking at your CHEM.

Coping with living in a toxic world and all the health problems that brings

Healing the anxieties this world brings, to live more calmly using healing strategies.

Eating the foods that nourish you and identifying the foods that are not good for you individually which would make your condition worse and replacing them with foods to bring you health and energy.

Movement that improves your health designed to make you move better, become more flexible and have less pain in joints and lower back.

Life is for Living! You can live your best life by following your own personalised CHEM recipe which is tailor made for you!

How it Works:

First we look at your health history because your health today is determined by your past. Together we will look at the clues in your history to show us what is underpinning what is happening to you now.

We kick-start with a 90 minute personal call and then a detailed lifestyle plan is prepared for you to follow with subsequent regular30 minute calls to encourage you and see how you are progressing. These happen at 4 weeks and 8 weeks into the programme so that you are not alone in this.

Changes in lifestyle habits CAN be easy have support and a plan!

The price for this 90 day Lifestyle Plan that will change your life with regular supporting calls is £450

Features Benefits Outcomes
Tailored Lifestyle Plan Less pain - More energy - More flexibility - No thinking, just following the plan The healthiest You there can be!
Calls Keep you on track - Give you encouragement - Sort out any problems Your CHEM working for you!

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