Abundant Life Weight Loss Plan

Your weight is based on so much more than what you eat. This plan cleverly uses your DNA profile to target those genes that are hindering you losing weight.

 Your own personal history holds clues to why you are the weight you are.  You are unique ! What works for one person in losing weight will not necessarily work for you.

This plan will give you a unique personalized plan incorporating eating foods based on the best way your body will lose weight, a movement plan for you to feel better, a coping plan to help with your emotions and a healing plan to keep you healthy.

With this plan you get lots of support so that you are not alone, you will receive encouragement and advice to keep you on tracks towards a new slimmer you!

A DNA kit is sent to you for you to take a blood spot test and is sent off to the laboratories.

We kick-start with a 90 minute personal call and then a detailed lifestyle plan is prepared for you to follow based on your history while we are waiting for the DNA test results which  takes about 6 weeks.

Right from the start you are not alone, after receiving the tailored lifestyle plan you get weekly calls and then once we have the DNA results you get another 60 minute call to tweak the recommendations already given to personalise the plan to you.  In addition you keep receiving weekly support as you work towards your target weight.

The price for this unique Abundant Life Weight Loss Plan based on your unique DNA, detailed history of you and support weekly for 3 months is £700

Features Benefits Outcomes
Tailored lifestyle plan based on your history Get you started on your weight loss You Start to lose weight!
DNA test Unique to your DNA - Helps to hone what is good and what is not good for you - This is information is specific to you Use your genes to help you lose weight.
Tailored Personalized Weight loss lifestyle plan Target upstream problems which contribute to your symptom of weight gain Lose weight quicker
Support call weekly You are not alone - Keep you motivated - Keep you in momentum Work towards your target weight more easily
Weekly tracker Keep you on track - Keep you motivated - See your progress See what to target
Monthly bullet journal See how you are progressing See your results
Random texts Keep you on your toes! Motivation!

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